Athletes Bible Study

Athletes Bible Study

  • Every Monday night at 8:00 PM we meet Via Zoom or in person! The best way to get involved is to simply shoot Pastor Ryan a Text @ (518)524-0008 and he can shoot you the link or fill you in on where to meet!
  • A relaxed atmosphere to hang out, talk about real life issues, take a break from training, discuss the Bible, pray and meet some great people
  • Topics include: handling adversity, staying focused, developing strength, keys to excellence, being a leader, real faith, more
  • All athletes are invited. No sign-up necessary. See you there!


The Athletes Bible Study is an official FCA Huddle. Click on the picture below for more info on FCA.


If you would like to receive the weekly Athletes Bible Study via email (and other occasional devotions from NCM, then join our LP Athletes Bible Study Google Group


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