Core Values

At NCM, we have five (5) core values. They help to define who we are as we serve people in Jesus’ name.

1. We Show Up. When we give our word that we will volunteer or help someone, we always show up. We believe strongly that your “yes” should be “yes” and your “no” should be “no.” Therefore, even if they weather gets nasty, or we have car trouble, or whatever, we will find a way to show up and be ready to serve.

2. We Do Our Job. Some of the jobs we are asked to do are exciting, others are boring. Some cause us to be around Olympic athletes, some require us to stand all alone for extended periods of time. Some jobs are difficult, others are easy. All of the jobs are important. We pride ourselves on “doing the jobs that nobody else wants to do.” Our example is Jesus Himself, who on one occasion took upon Himself the job of the lowest of servants, to wash the dirty feet of His disciples after a long journey upon dusty roads. We follow the example of Jesus, and therefore no matter the job we will do it to the best of our ability.

3. We Have a Great Attitude. We always seek to have an attitude of joy, humility, servanthood, compassion, hard work, and much, much more. We try to display our great attitude through the words we say and the smiles on our faces. We know that Jesus had many opportunities to be stressed out, prideful, uncaring, frustrated, lazy or irritated, but He never was. We want to be like Him.

4. We Don’t Mooch For Free Stuff. Some of the times that we serve, we are placed in privileged positions: at the start deck of World Cup bobsled, skeleton or luge races; in the finish area of a World Cup snowboard event; etc. We don’t use our positions of privilege to beg for souvenirs or bother the athletes for photos for our Facebook pages. We want people to know that we are at the event for what we can give, not what we can get.

5. We Are Flexible. There were many days when Jesus was on the way to teach the people, or perform an incredible miracle, and someone from the crowd needed Him to stop to help them. He didn’t ignore those needs. He stopped to do what needed to be done. When we are serving, if our supervisors ask us to serve in a different area, or help them with something, we are quick to help out. We are flexible, and will help out in any way that we can.


For more on “why we do what we do,” please visit our FAQ’s Page.

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